1. The best infant care in Sheldon

    Gold Medal Ideas for Summer Activities

    Strong Start Early Care and Education offers quality, education-oriented day care for families in the Trumbull area. When you are a working parent, it can be hard to carve out creative fun times with …Read More

  2. Home Activities For Your Toddler

    Ah, the toddler years. They’re fun, but they’re busy years! Toddlers have a natural yearning to explore anything and everything, which is why they seem to be non-stop. And just when you think you…Read More

  3. Inquiry based winter break ideas part two

    Inquiry Based Winter Break Idea 2/2

      Strong Start Early Education and Education is a high-quality daycare that provides education that is inquiry based. Our last blog started talking about a project to help your children learn the…Read More

  4. Preparing To Send Your Infant To Day Care

    No matter how much you try to prepare for life with an infant by reading blogs, online forums, articles, books, and listening to everyone’s advice—it’s just not possible. Life with an infant is …Read More