Welcome to the Pre-K Bridgeport & Trumbull blog, brought to you by Strong start Early Learning Center. In this blog, we’ll cover topics relevant to Per-K care in Bridgeport and Trumball, including education, social learning, preschool programs, and childhood development. Check back regularly for stories, and news, and updates.

  1. Why our Sheldon day care center is different from the rest

    A Day Care with a Difference

    Strong Start Early Care and Education Center is more than a daycare, we are a childhood education center that uses an inquiry-based curriculum. We believe that this curriculum fosters independent thou…Read More

  2. Snow day ideas and other child care solutions

    Snow Day Ideas!

    Strong Start Learning Center serves the Trumbull and Bridgeport areas providing high-quality daycare and pre-K using an inquiry-based curriculum. An inquiry-based curriculum is a form of learning that…Read More