1. What is Attachment Parenting? 1/2

      It might be hard for modern parents to imagine that there was a time when parenting was just done, without having to read a shelf of books, having a list of sites bookmarked and online groups t…Read More

  2. Twins!

    When you are the parent of twins, you know that there is no shortage of challenges that parents of singles can only guess. From telling them apart to time management, you will be developing new skills…Read More

  3. What is Attachment Parenting? 2/2

    Strong Start Daycare in Trumbull is committed to providing the very best in childcare for children from infant stage to pre-school age. We offer flexicare as well as enrichment programs in order to gi…Read More

  4. Raising a Confident Child

    When you are watching any playground, there will be children who hold back from the crowd, and those who charge into a crowd and take control. There are tomes of research about the cause of this: is i…Read More

  5. Attachment and Separation Anxiety

    It’s hard to imagine a world where children were purposely separated from their parents in order to avoid them becoming attached. This attachment was seen as coddling, and it was thought that the ch…Read More

  6. It Takes a Village

    Strong Start Early Care and Education Center is a daycare center in Trumbull, but a daycare with a difference. We pride ourselves in giving children from six weeks to four years old a safe and stimula…Read More

  7. Overcoming Hurdles to Learning

    No two children are the same. They all vary in their personalities, interests, and learning styles. Here at Strong Start Early Care & Education, we are focused on many aspects of childcare, from d…Read More