Learning from the Inside-Out

Fostering Your Child’s Intrinsic Motivation to Learn

After our Infant Program, the next big step in your child’s development is our Toddler Program. Watching your child enter his or her toddler years is a magical experience. Not only do sensory-motor skills continue to blossom, but your child also begins to develop significant language skills and a stronger sense of autonomy. Strong Start’s early childhood education and child care program for toddlers encourages this growth with a language-rich environment featuring opportunities to move, explore, and relate to others in ways that are responsive to each child’s individual temperaments and preferences.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Independence

with Plenty of Structure Today

By giving your toddler a structured foundation early on, you will prepare them for years of functional independence. Our child care program aligns with Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, featuring classroom structure and everyday routines that help your child adapt in a variety of situations while preparing them to transition into our Two’s Program. This includes the all-important task of building your child’s sense of security by fostering healthy attachments outside of the home with fellow classmates and teachers. By placing your child in our Toddler Program, you will nurture their unique personality and perspectives to build confidence that lasts a lifetime!

Give Your Toddler a Strong Start

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Each level of early childhood education at Strong Start connects to the next—all to help with the transition to Kindergarten and beyond here in Connecticut. Call or email us today!