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Your baby was born as a natural sensory learner, making this one of his or her most important periods of development. At Strong Start, our professional, credentialed teachers nurture this stage of life in a structured program that encourages safe, active, and fun physical exploration of our center’s environment and celebrates every developmental milestone your baby reaches. We offer an early childhood education that an average day care cannot.

Personalized Child Care that Responds to How Your Child Learns

When it’s time to give your child the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the home, it’s important to place them in a program that puts their needs first and treats them as an individual. Your child’s safety and security — both physical and emotional — are always our most important priority at Strong Start (read about our safety standards here). You can trust that your baby will never be without supervision and positive interaction! In addition, we help build your child’s happiness and confidence in all experiences by delivering care that is responsive to individual temperaments, preferences, and sensory learning abilities.

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Unlike general day care centers, we provide planned, structured learning and enrichment that extends through every program we offer. Each level of care at Strong Start connects to the next and is aligned with the CT Early Learning and Development Standards — all to help with the transition to Kindergarten and beyond here in Trumbull, Shelton, and surrounding areas. Call or email us today!