Keeping you connected to your child’s Strong Start experience.

Your child’s learning experience at Strong Start Early Education and Care will be fascinating to them—and to you! We take an active role in continually updating you, both formally and informally, on everything that your child is accomplishing in their early childhood education. It’s the key component in cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with your family that’s built to last. Our family communication includes:

  • Daily overviews at pickup to let you know how your child’s day went.
  • Semiannual progress meetings to review our written observations of your child’s development. These meetings can also be scheduled at more frequent intervals at your request.
  • A powerful & easy to use communication software to keep you updated, to the extent possible in real time, on how your child’s day is going.
  • Online and in-school postings of classroom learning plans.
  • An open-door policy that encourages your visits, calls or emails to ask questions or provide your feedback.
  • A family communication platform that sends important news regarding school closings for weather-related events and more via text, email and phone.

Learn how Strong Start helps with your child’s transition to Kindergarten and beyond here in Connecticut. Call or email us today!