The benefits of early childhood education

Here at A Strong Start Early Care & Educationin in Trumbull, we understand just how important early childhood education is to your little one. Many people may not realize this, but the first years of your child’s life is their most important years. Our early childhood education program gives your children distinct advantages to make the most of their first few, crucial years. The average day care simply can’t beat ours curriculum.

Not only do early childhood education and development programs benefit the children in said programs, but it also benefits the families and communities. With a reduced dropout and repetition rate in children who attend early childhood education programs, we also see greater adult productivity, improved school achievements, and higher levels of emotional and social functioning as direct benefits of these programs. We see our early childhood development programs as a cost-effective way of strengthening society as a whole by ensuring that our future generations live up to their full potential.

Some specific benefits of early childhood education and developmental programs include:

  • Higher intelligence scores
  • Increased school enrollment
  • Timelier school enrollment
  • A decrease in grade repetition
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Increased school completion rates
  • Improved nutrition and health
  • Better social and emotional behavior
  • Improved relationships between parents and children
  • An increase in earning potential as an adult
  • An increase in economic self-sufficiency as an adult
  • An increase in female labor force participation

While we know that you may feel like your child is too young to start learning, we say that a child is never too young to begin early childhood education programs! Call us today to learn more about early childhood education and take a tour of our facility!