Flex care and other child care solutions

Strong Start Early Care and Education in Trumbull is proud to provide high-quality child care that meets your child’s needs while accommodating the parents’ schedule too. We offer Flex care to accommodate hard-working parents’ schedules.


Flex Care

Day Care in the summer can be a conundrum. You need the kids cared for while you work yet summertime brings opportunities for family get-togethers, vacation days and stay-cation days at the pool or beach. We know that some day cares are rigid in their scheduling but Strong Start is not. We offer Flex Care. Flex Care mean we work with each family to personalize a schedule that works best for your family. We know some day care facilities require you to maintain a full-time schedule or lose your spot. We think this is unfair to kids and unfair to parents.

What are the options?

We offer half-days or full day, two days or the full five-day schedule. We also offer early drop offs, and later pick ups because we know that not all jobs are strictly 9 to 5 jobs. Life can be unpredictable, and so can life at work. Projects need to be finished, ‘fires’ need to be put out, but that doesn’t mean your child isn’t your priority. We are here to support you.

Why Strong Start?

Just having an accommodating schedule is not enough, a child care facility must also provide a high-quality early education for children. Strong Start is centered on an inquiry-based curriculum that nurtures a child’s natural curiosity and interests.

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