How to deal with toddler negativity and other child care solutions

Strong Start Early Care & Education offers child care that incorporates early childhood education based on an inquiry-based curriculum. This curriculum nurtures a child’s natural curiosity. We believe this type of education creates emotionally secure children and this leads in turn to children who can confident children who know they can succeed.

Anyone who has spent time with toddlers knows that this time is amazing to behold. Children of this age group are continuing to develop their motor skills and it is during this time that their language skills blossom. One word they become expert at using is ‘no’.

Transforming Negativity to Positivity
Almost every child goes through the phase when their favorite word is ‘no’. This development in language reveals a development in autonomy. This is a normal development and needn’t test a parent’s patience.

How many parents have become frustrated from asking a child if they want a coat (or broccoli, or a bath, or anap…the list goes on)only to be told no, even though you know the child needs one? Forcing a coat on a child can be the flip side of the ‘no’ and can become a struggle of stubbornness. One way to handle such situations is to avoid asking yes or no answers. Give the child a sense of autonomy by offering choices. The trick is the options are limited and the parent still gets the desired result.

Instead of asking if a child wants his or her coat when you are getting ready to go out, ask if he wants to wear or carry his coat. Ask her if she wants her broccoli with butter or plain. The child feels they have power of choice, and thus autonomy, and the parent get the compliance they need to move through the day.

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