Beginning preschool is the first step in a child’s educational journey. For many, preschool may be the first time in a learning environment or care center without the comforting presence of mom and dad. This momentous occasion may feel scary for both children and parents alike, but at Strong Start Early Care and Education, we are dedicated to making this transition as easy as possible for everyone involved. With locations both in Shelton and Trumbull, CT, our team is passionate about helping your child grow and thrive throughout their early childhood education journey. In today’s post, we will go over four preschool starting tips to help prepare your child (and yourself) for this new and exciting adventure!

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a parent reading to a child at bedtime

Get Into A Routine

Children thrive on routines, and while starting preschool may disrupt their current schedule, there are ways to help them transition smoothly into a new routine. For young children, visuals can be very helpful in easing the anxiety that can stem from a new schedule. Take photos or use images and lay them out for your child to see. Don’t forget a good bedtime routine to help them fall asleep early to be ready for a day of learning!

a child brushing their teeth

Foster Independence

As your child reaches preschool age, fostering age-appropriate independence is key to their success. Simple things like zipping a coat or knowing how to open their lunchbox can help to boost your child’s confidence in a new environment. Perfection isn’t necessarily the goal, but the more you encourage your child to do things on their own, the better they will be able to accomplish it!

a child picking out books at a library

Prepare For The Emotions

Separation anxiety is a common emotion that many children (and parents) experience when it comes to beginning an early childhood education program or daycare. While these feelings are 100% normal to have, there are a few things you can do to help ease them including talking to your child about school, reading books about school, visiting the local library for fun interactive activities with other children, working on saying goodbye to them, and even visiting your child’s new school can help!

a Strong Start Early Learning Center classroom

Visit or Tour Your Child’s New School

Taking a tour of your child’s preschool is a great way to introduce them to their new learning environment, let them meet their teacher, and also introduce them to a few new friends along the way!

At Strong Start Early Care and Education, we understand beginning a preschool program can be scary, but our trained staff are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions about our preschool program or you would like to schedule a tour, please contact us at either our Shelton or Trumbull locations. We look forward to helping your child grow!

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