How do we give your child a Strong Start in life and learning?

I’m Marc Hoffman, founder and Executive Director of Strong Start Early Care and Education. I’m devoted to making sure that all children have access to quality education. Strong Start is the result of decades of experiences my team and I have had as educators, researchers and leaders of other successful early learning centers.

This is the experience I would have wanted as a child myself.

Research tells us that no two children learn alike. So in creating Strong Start, I applied my experiences not only as an educator and social activist, but also as a young student who would have benefited from a program that acknowledged that we all learn in our own unique ways.

Physical and emotional security are the keys to everything.

We’ve created an environment where your child will feel physically and emotionally secure and happy. Feeling secure unlocks confidence and learning potential, allowing for natural exploration and inquiry about the world.

shutterstock_579379842An educational philosophy for your child’s most important years.

The philosophy of Strong Start is that all children deserve the best possible early care and education through:

  • An inquiry-based curriculum that responds to children’s curiosity and interests, while at the same time teaching skills and dispositions necessary for academic and life success
  • Providing an educational experience that happens “from the inside out” so that intrinsic motivation to learn develops
  • Fostering social and emotional intelligence using positive behavior guidance that teaches self-regulation and confidence
  • A spacious and comfortable learning environment where children are physically and emotionally secure
  • Qualified teachers that are intentional, responsive, and reflective in planning learning experiences that address the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of young children
  • State of the art equipment and research-based instruction that provide every advantage in supporting learning and development
  • Developmentally appropriate utilization of technology
  • Supporting family needs in every possible way

The curriculum is built upon the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards that begin a continuum of learning from birth through preschool, and aligns with state and national standards for kindergarten through grade three.

Educational goals that build lifelong skills.

Regardless of age, our early learning experiences are designed to help your child:

  • Be creative. Through novel approaches to solving problems that promote learning, exploring and thinking over achieving a specific result or answer.
  • Be inquisitive. By exploring his or her world, seeking new information and asking questions.
  • Be flexible. Adapting to new situations and new environments that develop flexibility in responses.
  • Be critical thinkers. Organizing and using information, as well as understanding concepts behind specific skills.
  • Be purposeful and reflective. Using active play to promote planning experiences, setting goals and celebrating accomplishments.
  • Be social learners. Interacting with peers and adults to ask questions and to jointly solve problems.

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