What an excellent child care and education community!

What an excellent child care and education community! When we decided to transition our 2 ½ year old son from being at home with a baby sitter, to a structured learning environment, we were more than a bit nervous to say the least, especially as first time parents. But having witnessed his continued growth this past year, and seeing him lose that shyness and form bonds with his peers and the wonderful teachers at Strong Start, it has been a joy to witness. Owner Mark Hoffman is always present is very hands on. Together with his friendly, experienced and committed staff, they have made my son feel safe and secure. The facilities are new and state-of-the-art in its design and purpose. The security systems and protocols in place are also state-of-the art, and added bonus is more than adequate parking. The curriculum is structured in a fun way that encourages kids to explore and be creative, and to think independently and to work in teams. My son loves going to school and his happiness has assured us that we’ve made the best choice for him. I would recommend this facility without hesitation!

Joanne David