We couldn’t be happier with Strong Start

We feel so fortunate to have found Strong Start for our daughter. The time and attention that the Director and staff regularly put into providing an educationally rich and positive learning environment for children is unmatched by any other childcare provider in the area.

Each week there is a detailed curriculum that is implemented in the classroom and provided to the parents. As parents who work full time, this has been a tremendous asset to us in helping to provide thoughtful and meaningful learning experiences outside of the classroom. The curriculum has provided directive and guidance to us as parents as to how we can enhance and continue to build on what our child is learning in the classroom at home.

As parents you want your child exposed to as many learning opportunities as possible, and Strong Start provides more than we could have ever hoped for or expected from a childcare center. Every single day, our child is exposed to learning experiences that include: sensory, manipulation, construction, art, physical and motor play, music and movement, reading books, group activities and games, and multiple opportunities for outdoor and indoor gym play. There has not been a single day where she has not been exposed to all of the above opportunities. An example of some of those activities and experiences include: baking, water table play, artwork using various mediums, show and tell, dancing and exposure to various types of music, etc.

The staff at Strong Start is educated and passionate about their work…and it shows. All of the teaching staff that I have had the opportunity to come to know have been wonderful. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, positive and thoughtful in the way they speak with the children…always looking for opportunities to teach them and help them grow. In addition, they regularly communicate with us about our child. They regularly share with us how our child’s day went, any needs that she may have, any funny stories and anecdotes, as well as feedback on how she is doing overall in the classroom.

We couldn’t be happier with Strong Start, and rave about it whenever provided with the opportunity. We have experienced other childcare providers, and Strong Start is truly a cut above the rest. We look forward to picking up our daughter at the end of each day, because we are excited to hear about the fun activities and learning opportunities she’s participated in as well as witness her positive growth and development.

Jennifer Hrbek