5 stars, 2 thumbs up, zero doubt!

A little over a month ago our son (19 months) started at Strong Start and we could not be more satisfied!!
From the moment we first entered the building we were greeted with professionalism, warmth, and an all-around feeling of peace of mind. Every day he comes home with a new set of skills, and happily uses them while playing in the yard or in his playroom. For example last week we witnessed him digging tiny holes and putting acorns in them, which is was he did in class with some flower seeds. We were watching him speechless since he himself found what he needed in order to fulfill his plan of planting!

He is more curious than ever, engaged in play and investigations, and simply is a happy little boy, developing his critical thinking skills more and more each day.

As first time parents we had no idea how big the differences between daycare centers can be… Even though to us the term “day care” seems to be an understatement and incorrect choice of words which does not describe Strong Start accordingly in a way it is deserves it.
5 stars, 2 thumbs up, zero doubt!

Swantje Schoberth-Wyckoff