1. Using inquiry based learning and child care services in the snow

    Using Inquiry Based Learning in the Snow

    At Strong Start Learning Center, we believe that every day is a good day to learn and that every experience can be used to broaden a child’s horizons. We offer quality daycare and pre-k in the Trumb…Read More

  2. Teaching children emotional intelligence

    Teaching Children Emotional Intelligence

    Experts recognize that there are other types of intelligence than just the IQ that we’ve become accustomed to. It is becoming increasingly apparent that emotional intelligence also plays a role in a…Read More

  3. Inquiry-based learning for toddlers and other child care solutions

    Inquiry-Based Learning for Toddlers

      Strong Start Early Care and Education Center offers high-quality day care in the Trumbull / Bridgeport area. We use an inquiry-based curriculum. You may well ask how an inquiry-based curriculum…Read More

  4. Tantrum coping skills and other child care solutions

    Tantrum Coping Skills

    Between the ages of three and five, your toddler blooms into a preschooler. This time with your precious child is full of delights and new challenges. One such challenge is dealing with tantrums. Duri…Read More

  5. Why choose our Shelton child care center?

    Why Strong Start Daycare?

    Strong Start Early Care and Education is proud to offer high-quality day care in the Trumbull and Bridgeport area. In this blog, we’d like to highlight some of the reasons we think we are a great ch…Read More

  6. Early milestones our Shelton child care center can help with

    Early Milestones

    All new parents wonder if what their infant or toddler is doing is normal. You might be asking yourself if they are on track developmentally. Strong Start Daycare in Trumbull is very familiar with the…Read More

  7. The importance of nighttime self-soothing

    The Importance of Nighttime Self-Soothing

    It has been said that the most important thing we can teach our children is frustration tolerance. Every adult needs this skill and it is important to learn this skill early, as life will deliver frus…Read More

  8. What is Attachment Parenting? 1/2

      It might be hard for modern parents to imagine that there was a time when parenting was just done, without having to read a shelf of books, having a list of sites bookmarked and online groups t…Read More

  9. Tips on how to handle twins and other child care solutions in Sheldon


    When you are the parent of twins, you know that there is no shortage of challenges that parents of singles can only guess. From telling them apart to time management, you will be developing new skills…Read More