We’re one of the only centers to have our own dedicated indoor gym. Our 1,000 square foot space has kid-friendly rubberized flooring. Your child can be physically active regardless of weather.

One of the most common things parents look for in a day care is an emphasis on education and kindergarten readiness. This is an essential element of any quality day care. Without educational preparation, such as phonemic awareness (knowing what letter makes what sound), and being familiar with how a classroom runs, a child will be at a distinct disadvantage upon entering a kindergarten class. However, it is important to remember that other elements of education are just as essential, especially at this young age. Academic preparedness is not the only thing that a child needs when beginning their K-12 career. Below, we’ll look at how Strong Start Early Care & Education gives your child an advantage when entering their kindergarten class by also emphasizing other important educational elements.

Strong Start Academics

The academic programs at Strong Start Early Care & Education conform with Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards and those of the National Association for Education of Young Children. These programs not only give guidelines about what should be taught, but also how they should be taught, and we are proud to offer a high-quality academic foundation to the children in our care.

creativityimgbeautifyFostering Creativity

One of the guiding principles of these schools of educational thought are that all areas of learning are important and this includes creativity and movement. Art is a common activity for daycares, and we certainly spend plenty of time letting the little ones draw, paint, and create 3-D art. Creativity stimulates essential parts of the brain and is essential for lifelong learning and success. Creativity, both in creating visual art and in imaginative play help children deal with fear and anxiety from change, to integrate feelings, and to explore and discover things about the world around them.

The Importance of Movement

In many day care facilities, you may see children sitting for long periods of time and doing work on paper. It may be tracing letters, gluing beans down, or just letting their creativity out with crayons. These are all worthy pursuits, in moderation. One element of early education that is often underemphasized is movement. What child doesn’t love recess more than academics? Most children innately understand that moving feels good and will engage in physical activity until you literally pry them from the monkey bars. There are several good reasons to encourage children to be physically active.

  • Playing gets their energy out so they can sit still to learn.
  • Studies have shown increased cognitive skills in children who exercise.
  • A correlation with improved executive function has been found.
  • Valuable lessons about teamwork can be learned from games and sports.