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  1. Gold Medal Ideas for Summer Activities

    Strong Start Early Care and Education offers quality, education-oriented day care for families in the Trumbull area. When you are a working parent, it can be hard to carve out creative fun times with …Read More

  2. More Olympic Activity Ideas!

      Strong Start Early Care and Education Center knows that it can be hard to find quality time to spend with your kids. Some weeks, it seems that all you are doing is seeing to their basic needs a…Read More

  3. The lobby at the Strong Start Early Learning Center

    Safe and Secure Day Care

    Strong Start Day Care in Trumbull answers your day care needs with expert care. We take our role as caregivers to children seriously, and have in place curriculum to encourage them to learn and establ…Read More

  4. Inquiry Based Winter Break Idea 2/2

      Strong Start Early Education and Education is a high-quality daycare that provides education that is inquiry based. Our last blog started talking about a project to help your children learn the…Read More

  5. Day Care for Two Under Two

    Any parent of two children under two, or so close they might as well be, knows the battles of two little ones in diapers, of the whack-a-mole nap times, of the fatigue of having them pass a cold back …Read More