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  1. What you can expect from our pre-k program

    What To Expect From A Pre-K Program

    As a parent, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your child grow and thrive. As your little one starts to tap into social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development, there will come …Read More

  2. What to look for in a Connecticut daycare center

    What To Look For In A Connecticut Daycare

    Finding the right daycare in Connecticut for your child can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. For starters, you want to find a school where your child will learn, grow, and mature with ot…Read More

  3. Learn about attachment parenting part two

    What is Attachment Parenting? 2/2

    Strong Start Daycare in Trumbull is committed to providing the very best in childcare for children from infant stage to pre-school age. We offer flexicare as well as enrichment programs in order to gi…Read More

  4. Tips on how to handle twins and other child care solutions in Sheldon


    When you are the parent of twins, you know that there is no shortage of challenges that parents of singles can only guess. From telling them apart to time management, you will be developing new skills…Read More

  5. Flex care and other child care solutions

    Flex Care

    Strong Start Early Care and Education in Trumbull is proud to provide high-quality child care that meets your child’s needs while accommodating the parents’ schedule too. We offer Flex care to acc…Read More

  6. Raising a Confident Child

    When you are watching any playground, there will be children who hold back from the crowd, and those who charge into a crowd and take control. There are tomes of research about the cause of this: is i…Read More

  7. Reading to Your Child

    At Strong Start Early Care and Education, we pride ourselves on being a premier early childhood development center and day care. We love being a part of your family's life by getting to help foster yo…Read More

  8. It Takes a Village

    Strong Start Early Care and Education Center is a daycare center in Trumbull, but a daycare with a difference. We pride ourselves in giving children from six weeks to four years old a safe and stimula…Read More