Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, you have to make several necessary arrangements, and child care is likely one of the main concerns. Approximately 60% of new mothers are in the workforce and will return to work once they have reached the end of their maternity leave. Somehow people have fallen for the misconception that a child care center is too risky for infants. We agree that leaving your most precious treasure in the hands of others can leave new mothers feeling uneasy, however, the child care workers at Strong Start are professionals and we can assure you any parent that their child is in the best care possible.

Returning to work is going to be difficult, but it is inevitable. Now the question is whether you should enroll your infant in a child care facility, or if you should hire a babysitter. As a parent, you know what’s best for you and especially your child, and ultimately the decision is entirely yours to make—but this article is to help you see all of the benefits you and your infant will gain from child care at Strong Start Early Learning Center.

Real Program & Real Structure

Babies are born as natural sensory learners. The first year of their life is crucial to their learning development as each of their senses grows and sharpen. Strong Start’s infant care program is structured to nurture this stage in life. Infants’ requirements are fairly straightforward, however, their need for constant attention is what makes our program stand apart from a babysitter’s ability. Our certified teachers put your infant’s safety first and will tend to their every need through by actively engaging with your baby. Over time, your baby will show developmental growth in their sensory learning abilities and temperaments earlier than if a babysitter is caring for your baby.

We are in no way discrediting the caretaking abilities of a babysitter; they simply may not have the capacity or training to be able to stimulate your newborn and proactively engage with them as an instructor at a daycare facility would.

Age Appropriate Care

An infant’s needs are drastically different than the needs of a toddler. At child care centers like Strong Start Early Learning Center, we provide care to children based on their age. Children are placed together in rooms with other children their age, with teachers that are trained and best suited to teach this phase in life. Feedings, naps, and play times are easier when the rest of the children are on the same schedule.

A family home caregiver that babysits for a mixture of infants, toddlers, and young children isn’t able to give the child the tools they need to grow to their full potential during this phase. Additionally, children that start out in infant care together are likely to stay together throughout their time at Strong Start Early Learning Center which strengthens their social abilities.

Confident Babies, Confident Parents

Moms and dads can drop off their infants easier to caregivers that they can trust and rely on to report their baby’s developmental milestones and daily activities. Strong Start Early Learning Center actively informs families on a regular basis to recap how their infant’s day went, as well as schedule quarterly progress meetings to discuss our observations and how you can implement changes at home. Additionally, we offer online services to keep parents updated on upcoming events, classroom learning paths, and other important news to help parents feel confident that they left their infant in great hands.

Strong Start Early Learning Center understands the difficulty parents have leaving their child—no matter how old—and return to work. We have carefully and strategically structured our child care programs to reassure parents their children are being cared for by the best childcare professionals, in our safe and secure facility that will allow your child to thrive through every development phase of their young lives. Safety and security is our number one priority, but we have found a way to successfully teach young minds as they grow and nurture their learning through an inquiry-based curriculum.

Are you ready to see the Strong Start difference? Contact us today to schedule your visit to our facility. We look forward to being apart of you and your child’s life!