Snow day ideas and other child care solutions

Strong Start Learning Center serves the Trumbull and Bridgeport areas providing high-quality daycare and pre-K using an inquiry-based curriculum. An inquiry-based curriculum is a form of learning that uses children’s natural question-asking nature to teach them to solve problems and come up with scenarios to test.

Since we just got around ten inches of snow from Winter Storm Jonas, it seems like a good time to suggest a lesson you can easily do at home. When you venture out after the snow plows have made the streets safe, see if you can point out a salt truck, or show your child that you use salt to keep the sidewalks of your home ice-free. Ask your child if they have an idea of why we use salt to break down the ice. Then, when you go back inside, and perhaps after a warming cup of cocoa, have your child get two plates out, and put one ice cube on each plate. Have your child cover one ice cube with salt and leave the other ice cube alone. You can put these to the side for now but check back every few minutes to watch the progress of the melting. Your child can put more ice on the salty one if they like. You can also have them wrap ice cubes in different materials, such as newspaper and tinfoil to see how the wrapper affects the melting speed. After all this, maybe they’d like to take a nice warm bath and melt ice cubes or icicles in their bath water. Over dinner, you can discuss the results of your scientific experiments.

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