Why inquiry-based curriculum is best for your child

Strong Start Early Care and Education Center is a day care with a difference. We are a child developement center in Trumbull, CT  that is dedicated to fostering intellectual curiosity and the development of critical thought in young children. We know that children are not simply empty vessels to be filled with facts and figures to be rotely repeated. They are not only able to learn, but are able to learn to be the driver of their own education. Strong Start provides a strong foundational, inquiry-based education for toddlers and preschoolers. All programs conform to Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards so you know you child will be more than ready for kindergarten.

As most parents will testify, every child is different. It is truly a wonder of human nature that two children, from the same parents, brought up in the same home with the same rules and standards can be incredibly different from each other. One can be a doer, always active, on the go and exploring, sometimes with ‘interesting’ results, while the other can be an observer who sits back and watches before coming to an astute conclusion. Both of these types (and every other type) can benefit from taking part in an inquiry based program.

The key inquiry-based learning is simple. Allowing a child’s mind to question the world around him or her encourages him or her to dig deeper into everything. When children question the world around them and are taught to solve problems for themselves, their future intellectual development is a flower waiting to bloom.

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