At Strong Start Early Care and Education, we pride ourselves on being a premier early childhood development center and day care. We love being a part of your family’s life by getting to help foster your child, and we consider you a part of our family as well. Today we just want to talk about a few benefits of reading to your child, we feel that it is an important part of any child’s life and helps grow their love of learning.

1. Preparing them for successful academic career

Research shows that children who are read to have a higher likelihood of succeeding in a organized learning environment than children who are not read to. It also gives your child a love of literature and learning, preparing them not only for a successful academic career, but a successful and fulfilling life.

2. Bonding

Reading to your child is an excellent way to bond with your child. Not only does it strengthen your relationship with them, but building an anticipation for wanting to learn is a wonderful association your child can make. You and your child are constantly on the move everyday, and slowing down to have a nurturing time together is not only mentally and emotionally good for them, it is good for you too.

3. Enhanced thinking skills

When your child learns to track a story, their brains are developing their logical side. Relating to characters, and the actions they take will help them apply logic to the choices they make as well.

Snuggle up with your child and share a story with them today!