Learn about attachment parenting part two

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In our last blog, we started discussing Attachment Parenting. We discussed that Attachment Parenting attempts to maximize the empathy we enact in our interactions with our children, in both word and deed by responding to their needs and keeping them physically close. This week we will look the intended and unintended results.

What are the results?

Dr. Sears says that this level of attachment will create in them a level of security and confidence that will later translate into mature competence. They will feel that their needs are being met so that they grow to have greater frustration tolerance, and deal with stress better. Additionally, they are able to form secure attachments to others as they grow up and eventually find partners of their own. It is believed that the empathy they are shown will engender in them the ability to show others empathy in turn.

To play devil’s advocate for a moment, others say that children raised like this are indulged too much and don’t learn to tolerate waiting, putting others first and that they miss developing self-soothing skills which are helpful in life. It can also create feelings of inadequacy in parents who, for reasons of employment or family commitments, are not able to spend 100% of their time with their young children. My own belief is, as with all things, moderation is the best path. Giving children security while also teaching them as they grow to rely on themselves seems a healthy route to follow.

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