Using inquiry based learning and child care services in the snow

At Strong Start Learning Center, we believe that every day is a good day to learn and that every experience can be used to broaden a child’s horizons. We offer quality daycare and pre-k in the Trumbull and Bridgeport areas. While there is snow on the ground, take the chance to have fun  and help your child learn about snow. A great way to start any lesson about snow is by reading the Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. This charming book details a young boy’s day in the snow. Peter drags a stick through the snow, hits snow covered limbs, and has fun making footprints in the snow. You can do all these things with your child. Use your neighborhood to discover qualities about the snow and look at animal footprints and make funny footprints of your own. Make snow angels and snowmen. Then, just as Peter does in the book, bring a snowball into the house. Peter’s snowball melts while in his pocket, but we think it’s more fun to have it melt in a bowl, or put one in the freezer and observe how it gets smaller without melting. Showing children how a solid can transform into a gas through sublimation is a great lesson. Ask the kids what they know about snow, then do an activity and then talk about what they learned. Children are natural learners and just need a little guidance.

When you are are looking for quality daycare near you, turn to Strong Start Day Care in Trumbull.