Four kids lying on a pier and watching the water

Strong Start Early Care and Education Center in Trumbull serves the Trumbull and Bridgeport areas with a high-quality inquiry-based curriculum. We are an early education center, not a run-of-the-mill day care center. People in the education field know what inquiry-based education means and the benefits of it, but as a parent, you will likely be bombarded with different types of day cares and the types of education they provide. In this two-part blog, we will look at inquiry-based curriculum and the benefits thereof for children.

The Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning

  • Children learn not just to ask questions but to delve the depths of a topic.  
  • Children learn to explore what they don’t know to find answers in order to ask even more question and explore more.
  • Children develop a sense of intrinsic motivation, meaning they are not being rewarded with external prizes for learning, but with knowledge, so the motivation comes from inside for themselves.
  • The reward for children and parents is that an inquiring, inquisitive mind is developed.
  • Research shows that when children construct their own learning along with an understanding of the relevance to their own lives, attitude and understanding improve.


Children use their experiences in inquiry-based learning to learn how to participate in their own learning and learn that the world is one full of wonder, questions to be asked, and answers to be found.  Critical thinking and problem solving skills are what the world’s future adults will need. We can’t imagine the world in which our children, when grown, will live, but we can prepare them to meet the challenges by helping them develop great minds.