Summer activities at our Sheldon child care center

It is summertime once again! With the improved weather comes so many things you can do with your child outside. Here at Strong Start Early Care and Education, we love it when our kids come to day care and tell us about all the fun they have with their parents outside over the summer. If you have not taken full advantage of the weather outside, or feel like you have run out of outdoor activities with your child, here are a few more ideas for you!

Make a mural

Using an old sheet, place it on the ground outside and buy some safe for children painting supplies. Then see what you and your child can come up with using the resources you have. Remember, whether your child channels their inner Pollack or Michelangelo (or maybe a combination of both) is encouraged!

Throw a parade

We all know that every child loves dressing up. So why not take that show on the road? Bring along some musical instruments or wireless speakers and play your own parade music down your street. For those not willing to play dress up in the street, your backyard works great too.

Homemade sprinklers

Summer is also a great time to get your child wet. Instead of turning on the sprinkler like you normally do, try making your own sprinklers with the kids. It is fairly easy to make a sprinkler out of PVC pipe or even an old two liter bottle. Making the sprinkler is just as fun as playing in it!