Strong Start Early Care and Education Center is a daycare center in Trumbull, but a daycare with a difference. We pride ourselves in giving children from six weeks to four years old a safe and stimulating start in life. From the time they enter our welcoming, clean and specially designed spaces, until they head off for the big wide world of kindergarten we give them a Strong Start, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We like to think of ourselves as part of your village.

It Takes A Village

  • The proverb that states that it takes a village to raise a child is generally attributed as an African saying.
  • This meaning of this proverb is that it takes more than just one set of parents to raise a healthy child so that they grow into a healthy and productive adult.
  • Before the modern era, people were not so mobile and most often grew up near extended families and in smaller communities.
  • Nowadays families move away from families, into new communities or large cities where a tight-knit community can be hard to break into.
  • It is often u to parents to consciously construct a village to help with childcare needs.

Strong Start’s Role

  • Having a dependable, compassionate and invested staff at a dedicated daycare is part of the village make for themselves.
  • Strong Start is a great choice for a village!
  • We foster social and emotional intelligence by modeling positive behavior and by addressing every aspect of childhood development.
  • We use inquiry-based learning that has been proven to foster intellectual curiosity, that leads to positive learning outcomes throughout life.


Let us join your village as you join ours! Call Strong Start Early Care and Education Center in Trumbull for more information.