Early milestones our Shelton child care center can help with

All new parents wonder if what their infant or toddler is doing is normal. You might be asking yourself if they are on track developmentally. Strong Start Daycare in Trumbull is very familiar with these thoughts, and in an attempt to ease your mind and let you know that you are part of a wider community of care, we are going to write a series of blogs on childhood milestones. We will in no way exhaust this subject, and it is important that every child develops differently, but hope to give you some ideas.

Birth To 3 Months

  • In the first weeks, your baby will focus on first on faces close to them, and as their vision improves over the weeks, then will begin to track people and items.
  • In the first days after birth, you can test your baby’s hearing by seeing if they turn their heads when you make a sound out of sight, from one side or another.
  • Tracking means they will follow an object or face as it passes by.
  • They will begin to pay close attention to people who are talking to them.
  • They will begin basic interactions such as smiling, quieting down when soothed and crying  when they need attention.
  • Your baby will begin to lift his or her head. When they do this depends greatly on their person development.
  • At some point during this time, they will start to push themselves up on their arms when they are on their tummy.
  • If you child doesn’t do these things by the end of three months, be sure to mention it to your pediatrician.


We hope this was useful information for new parents. If you are starting to look for a daycare for your infant, be sure to call our office and arrange for a tour of our facility.