Strong Start Early Care and Education Center in Trumbull is dedicated to assisting you in giving your child the best start in life, both emotionally and educationally. One of the ways we do this is by introducing pre-literacy and early literacy skills to the children.


  • Studies show that the main indicator for  that indicates later success in reading and writing is the phonetic- letter connection.
  • This means that the child puts together that each letter makes its own sound or sounds as is the case with English.
  • Anyone who has a child is familiar with ‘C’ is for cookie and that is exactly what we are talking about.

Kinesthetic Learning

  • Learning with all the senses, the whole body is known as kinesthetic learning and is especially helpful for energetic, young children.
  • It can be used throughout the school years as a reinforcer and is very helpful for children who show signs of or are diagnosed with ADHD


  • Teaching children letters and sounds can be done with little containers with lids.
  • Each bin represents a designated letter.
  • The bin is filled with items that start with the assigned letter.
  • For instance, in the ‘B’ bin could be a toy bee, a ball, a balloon etc.
  • Multiple bins can be spilled out on the table at one time and the child can sort the items into the proper bins, each according to its beginning sound.

Giving your  child a leg up on literacy skills is very important and Strong Start is proud to be part of that process. Call today to set up a tour of our facility or to enroll your child in Strong Start.