Our blog series on attachment parenting has focused on the baby, just as attachment parenting does, but parents are human beings too, with our own needs and desires. Surely there is room for balance in this technique. Strong Start Early Care and Education in Trumbull is more than a daycare. We like you to consider us an extension of the family who you can trust.

The Needs of Parents

  • We parents need time to recharge from caring for young children, which as well all know can be mentally and physically exhausting.
  • We need time reinforce the bond between us so that we don’t grow apart.
  • We need time to work and to recharge from our work.
  • If you work at home, you need time to concentrate on your work to be fulfilled and to make money.
  • And last, but not least, we need time and freedom to sleep- deep uninterrupted sleep. I must be joking, right?

Help for Parents

  • Remember the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? We’ll cover this more in our next blog but for now, let it suffice that sometimes you need to create your village.
  • Strong Start Early Care and Education can be an integral part of your village.
  • We are here to support your needs as well as your child’s needs.
  • We care for infants from the age of six weeks on and can help!
  • You will know that when you entrust your baby to us, that he or she will be getting the best in childcare.
  • We care for the emotional, physical and intellectual needs of all the children in our care.

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